LFCNY as an official branch of Liverpool Football Club, is eligible to request tickets to home Premier League games each season. This process takes place twice a year. Historically this has taken place in June/July for games scheduled to be played between August and December and in October, for games scheduled for the second half of the season.

Ticket applications are now CLOSED for the first half of  season 2018/19.  

The process to request tickets is as follows (please read carefully):

1) You must be a signed up LFCNY member to request tickets. Membership is $25 for the season, and includes a LFCNY t-shirt.

2) LFCNY members can request up to four tickets for each home premier league game scheduled between January and May, though keep in mind, if your application is successful, you will need an active LFC Full or Light membership for each allocated ticket. If you request four tickets, you will need to supply four LFC membership card numbers.  LFC memberships can be obtained at: LFC Official Membership.

3) Ticket requests can be made online through our website (see below). Ticket prices are $90 for all fixtures. This includes all paypal fees and currency conversion charges and fluctuations.

Please only submit requests for games you plan on attending. Do not request tickets for two fixtures to increase your chances, if you only plan to go to one. You will be responsible for payment for all tickets allocated.  Please also remember that the match schedule is subject to changes due to fixture congestion and television broadcasting rights.  LFC posts updates on their website as the schedule changes;

3) Once our ticket allocation is confirmed by LFC, we will communicate via club email to advise which fixtures we received tickets for, and which members were successful in obtaining tickets;

4) If your application is successful, payment must be made via paypal, directly from our website within 7 days of notification. Payment should be made via the link here. No cash, checks or other payment methods will be accepted.

5) Each person allocated tickets must be a member of Liverpool Football Club’s membership program for the 2017-18 season.  LFC membership runs from June 1 to May 31 and needs to be renewed annually. If you are allocated tickets, you will be asked to confirm that a membership is active for each ticket requested. When renewing or purchasing your LFC membership, please select our branch, New York, from the drop down menu on the Membership registration page. You will be given a membership number instantaneously;

6) In the event we receive more requests than the tickets we are allocated, a drawing will be held to allocate the tickets equitably;

7) Members who are to be allocated tickets will be emailed with details of their seat number and location by LFCNY approximately 2-4 weeks prior to the fixture. We have no say where the tickets will be located, but historically they have been in very good locations, including the Kop. The Membership Card of those Members who have been allocated tickets will be activated for entry at Anfield. There will be no paper ticket issued.

8) LFCNY members living in the NY/NJ/CT/PA area can apply for tickets. If you live outside this area, unfortunately LFC has mandated that though you can still be part of LFCNY, you will not be eligible to obtain tickets through us, and would have to submit a request with the supporters club you live closest to. Sorry!

Please note that LFC grants ticketing to Official Supporters Clubs only and the number of tickets available is limited in number.

For any questions, or further clarification, please email our club Treasurer, Chris Andrade

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