“One of the best moments of my life, I have to say… It feels like a dream.”

“One of the best moments of my life, I have to say… It feels like a dream.”

By Dave Turner (@DTurnerSports)

Liverpool have gotten their man.

After weeks, if not months of speculation, Jurgen Klopp has been named as the next manager of Liverpool F.C

From his charisma, to his openness, to even… his glasses, Klopp brings with him a swagger and a mentality that is sorely needed at Anfield. Fly high with the wins, but come down hard with the losses and bring the love of football to every single fixture. When asked what brought him to Liverpool in an LFCTV interview, Klopp seemed to be beaming, “everything, all I heard about (them), all I read about”, said Klopp. “I love football and the intensity of football at Liverpool is what is good for me.”

Something that was lost under the over-calculated, never off-the-cuff Brendan Rodgers were the kind of quotes that will become a mainstay under Klopp, who tends to let his emotions do some of the speaking. Sure, that does come with it’s own set of boundaries that could pose trouble if crossed. But, a manager who wears his heart of his sleeve should re-energize a bunch that had been playing passionless, gutless football for some time under Rodgers.

The German manager comes in after a spell of success in the Bundesliga, taking Mainz from a second league side to the top flight. After that, he moved on to Borussia Dortmund, where he won two league titles in 2011 and 2012 and made the champions league final in 2013.

Klopp’s success makes him such an attractive option, but he’ll have to deal with pressure at Liverpool that he’s never before faced, while at the same time working to get the team back in to contention for the top four in the EPL. Klopp tends to feature a 4-2-3-1 shape. He may go with a slightly different variation at first to fit the club, but he very well may try to find the right bodies for the right positions to work the formation that he prefers best. If that’s the case, then there’s only room for one striker, with Sturridge, Benteke and Ings all making cases for substantial playing time at this juncture.

“I’m here because I believe in the potential of the team. At this moment we are not the best team in the world, who cares, we want to be the best team tomorrow or another day,” said Klopp, who clearly knows that there is work to do for this team to regain the form they once had.

Jurgen was also quick to praise the strengths of the side as well as realize the glaring weakness, “we have speed, we have technical skills, we have good defenders, good strikers, good midfielders and…uhh some wingers.”

With the January transfer window looming as the German’s first chance to bring his players to the club, some roster turnover should be expected. His familiarity with German players from the Bundesliga should result in some new German transfers, but Klopp will certainly look across the globe for any chance to get the kind of player he needs.

His command of the English language is strong at times, though he’ll admit that he can’t quite explain certain emotions and complex words in English quite yet. Despite that, his openness and jovial nature should endear him to fans, especially if the results come. “I’ll try to be as close as possible to the fans but of course it’s not always possible to be so close with the fans because of the job and I have to work,” added Klopp.

And work, he will. Klopp has a passion for the game of football that is a breath of fresh air after the ongoing stoicism of the Rodgers era. With time, he’ll re-invigorate the team and perhaps the supporters, by getting the team to play passionate football and with that the results will come.

To expect Klopp to immediately turn the team around would be foolish. Turnarounds just don’t happen that quickly. With a good January transfer window, coupled with some more spirited play over the next few months, a top four finish is certainly not yet out of reach, if they’re willing to work for it.

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