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Our initial days of watching LFC in New York required early starts, reliable satellite systems and reliable bar owners (no tv coverage). Having found a bar that was 1) open as advertised and 2) could acquire the satellite signal, the matchday experience usually involved loud, boorish cockneys and ten-a-penny non-manc mancs.

It was against this backdrop that the need for LFC supporters to come together was realized and at the start of the 1995/6 season, Liverpool Football Club Supporters Club, New York (LFCNY) was born. At the first meeting, in Cleary’s on Third Avenue and 33rd Street, Dave Brenner, Paul Dackombe and Sean Woods were duly elected to run the club. Daragh Kennedy took on the role of club president, in our inaugural year, a role he still maintains today.

It was important to establish ourselves in a bar that was not only welcoming of the revenue but supportive of our goals to provide access to the match and to other Liverpool supporters. We wandered in the desert for a few years until we reached the Promised Land – 11th St Bar. The formative years also saw the production of a literally hand produced fanzine “25th of May” (our homage to The Glory That Was Rome 1977, and in Sean’s opinion, LFC’s greatest moment; it was also a match attended by Dave, Paul and Sean long before they ever met in New York).

The other staple of club membership, or hook, was a free LFCNY t-shirt when you signed up. These shirts became sought after items around the globe. In Baltimore for the pre-season against Spurs this summer, we bumped into a lady from Connecticut wearing the iconic Brenner-Burge-Deakin white-on-red NY skyline design from over 10 years ago. The banner was another milestone in the club’s identity and it has been proudly displayed throughout North America and Europe.

The club has admirably moved with the times – online, social media, podcasts, merchandise, etc. Many, many dedicated reds have donated time, effort and money to keep it going. You are all sons and daughters of Shankly. We are continually moved by the ecstatic highs and tragic lows that are inextricably woven into the fabric of the great Liverpool Football Club; we have raised funds for the Hillsborough Justice Campaign and the Hillsborough to Anfield Run, participated in the overthrow of Hicks and Gillett as well as Steve Cohen and built strong relationships with Reclaim The Kop (John Mackin) and Spirit of Shankly (the late Paul Rice). We have also become very involved in the community and have led many food and coat drives, and raised money for a local soccer club, Downtown United Soccer Club, which provides youngsters in New York’s poorer neighborhoods, an opportunity to play football at no expense to them or their families.

We urge everyone to ensure our tradition of support and activism continues.

LFCNY bars

For 10 years, LFCNY have been based at the 11th Street Bar in the East Village, and this is still our home.  From 2014 onwards, however, we are delighted to partner with The Grafton (1st Ave and 7th Street) We also have partner bars in Brooklyn (The Monro) and Queens (The Celli House).  Additionally, we are very excited to announce that we also will be partnering with Prost Grill and Garten in Garden City, who are our first Long Island affiliated partner bar.  We’ve also partnered with a bar in New Jersey – The Cottage Bar in Teaneck.  See below for details

All of the bars will broadcast every Premier League game live and almost every cup game as well.  If we can find it, we’ll show it

The 11th Street Bar on 11th street between Avenue A & B is the long standing home of the New York Liverpool Supporters Club.  Although we have expanded LFCNY’s capacity with new bars, membership is still handled at the 11th Street (on match days).

The bars typically opens 60-90 minutes prior to each game. Anyone can come to the bar, but if you are under 21, you must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. For big games, we would always recommend getting to the bar as early as possible to gain entry, especially in the 11th Street.

Believe it or not, the 11th Street Bar itself is becoming quite famous in Liverpool and is on the list of tourist attractions for visiting fans. On game days the fans tend to be exclusively Liverpool fans, though opposing fans are also very welcome. Many have even been known to get out alive! The fans are not shy about venting their opinions and the atmosphere is always friendly. The ages have ranged from 6 days (and dressed in a Liverpool shirt!) to somewhere north of 80 (we were too polite to ask) and we get an almost even split of men and women. Game days are well worth the visit, especially the big games with all the singing, chanting, and excitement associated with football, sorry… soccer, wafting out of the bar.

If you want to bring some memorabilia that’s cool, but unless it’s really spectacular, it may not go on the wall due to space limitations. However we do raffle off all memorabilia for charity and club funds about twice a year.

Parking around the 11th Street and The Grafton is attainable, particularly if you arrive early. The Avenues (A,B,C, 1st etc.) have Mini Meters that you can park at for up to an hour for 50 cents for every ten minutes. There is no charge for parking on Sunday’s. There is free parking on the numbered streets (10th, 11th, 12th etc.) but spaces usually are limited. If all else fails, there is a parking lot on 11th Street between Avenue A and B that usually charges about $20 to park for the duration of a game.

To get to the bars by subway, you can take the A,C,E,1,2,3,F,M,N,Q,R,4,5,6 to their respective 14th Street stations and transfer to the L subway going east towards Brooklyn. Get off at 1st avenue (at 14th Street), walk south to get to The Grafton and (of course) the 11th Street.


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All of our partner bars are available to follow on Social Media if you’re looking for some more information:

11th Street bar – Facebook / twitter.com/11thBar

The Grafton - Facebook / twitter.com/LunasaPub


LFCNY bars in the 5 Boroughs, Long Island, and New Jersey

If you’re outside of Manhattan, and want to stay local (or the subway isn’t running) please check out our partner bars.  We’d recommend calling ahead to make sure they’re open, especially for the early games:

The Monro (Park Slope – 5th Ave & 11th – 718-499-2005)

Facebook / twitter.com/TheMonroPub

The Celli House (Maspeth, Queens- 6956 Grand Ave – 718-424-3178)

Facebook/ https://www.facebook.com/pages/Ceili-House

Prost Grill and Garten (Garden City- 652 Franklin, Ave – 516-427-5215)


The Cottage Bar (178 Cedar Lane, Teaneck, NJ – 201-692-0016)

Facebook/ https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Cottage-Bar/52075985834




LFCNY membership runs from June 1, 2015 to May 31, 2016 and can be renewed now.

Membership costs $25 and includes a LFCNY t-shirt.  You can join, and collect your t-shirt, at the 11th Street Bar.  If you’d like to sign up online, you can do so by clicking here.  Shipping of t-shirts is an additional charge, but the can be collected for free from either of the Upper 90 stores in NYC.


LFCNY Family Day

We’re very pleased to announce the very first official LFCNY Family Day taking place at The Grafton, our fantastic partner bar on 1st Avenue on Sunday September 20th.

We’ll have free food, face painting and games for the kids (and maybe for those of us that haven’t quite grown up yet) plus, of course, Liverpool taking on the recently promoted Norwich City at Anfield. We’ll also be holding a raffle with a whole bunch of prizes up for grabs including a 2010 World Cup football!

Kids and LFCNY members get in free whilst admission for non-members will be $10. Entry includes free food, non-alcoholic drinks and one raffle ticket. Obviously the bar will be open & there’ll be alcoholic drinks available for those of you over 21 (remember your ID if you’re lucky enough to be blessed with youthful features!).

And as if that wasn’t enough, the first 25 kids through the door will each receive a free gift bag!


Please rsvp to gwen@lfcny.org to RSVP

What will the return of Daniel Sturridge mean for the Liverpool lineup?

By Dave Turner (@DTurnerSports)



It’s Time To Part Ways With Brendan Rodgers


Time and time again, I’ve defended coaches, whether it’s football, hockey, or any other sport that I’ve covered, the mantra of “it must be the manager” is far too often used by fans and the media alike.

Fans have attachments to players and we tend to believe in the men that line up for our side, sometimes giving them too much credit. The idea of  “it can’t possibly be the great players we have, so let’s fire the coach” is many times just an excuse for a poor performing team without real talent. That and a coach is normally an expendable asset, whereas players can be fired en-mass and replaced without a major upheaval.

I hate having to conjure up such an argument, but at this juncture, it’s apparent what needs to be done.

I’ve tried to defend Brendan, even giving him kudos for the defensive performances of the first three matches, but after the completely disorganized and heartless effort against Manchester United on Saturday, it’s clear. Brendan Rodgers is not the man to lead the Reds forward through the rest of this season.

After spending so much money in the offseason bringing in quality players, Mr. Rodgers was still on the hot seat. After three somewhat strong performances to start the season, it seemed like perhaps he had righted the ship at Anfield.

Fast-forward two matches and an inexcusable blowout loss at home to West Ham and a completely uninspiring loss in a rivalry match at Old Trafford show that not much has changed from last season.

Losses happen, I get that. Man U are a quality side, but the way the team entered the match against United was completely dumfounding. After coming off of such a putrid loss against West Ham, with a chance to impress against a rival in one of the biggest annual matches in worldwide club football, Liverpool was outclassed and outcoached.

The first half of the match saw the Reds unable to find any sort of cohesiveness and the passing and even defensive

Sure, it’s a tough task to get a result at Old Trafford and some blame certainly goes to the players for their putrid performance. Playing without their captain in Jordan Henderson, who certainly hasn’t proven in any facet that he can hold the torch following the departure of Steven Gerrard, the team needs the manager to lead the way sometimes. If Rodgers was the one trying to get the players in the right mindset to play well against United, he failed miserably.

Some who still support Rodgers will point out that the loss of Phil Coutinho was a big one for Liverpool. Yes, the loss of a dynamic player like Coutinho does hurt, but if the team is unable to function without one player, then clearly there’s not enough being done to make up for that.

It’s not like Coutinho’s absence was a surprise, late injury scratch. The team knew from the minute he was sent off against West Ham that he’d be unavailable for the next match. So with weeks to prepare the squad, they came out looking completely lost against United from the outset.

That’s on Brendan Rodgers

It’s not easy to write a scathing indictment of a manager, because he’s certainly trying. But, in this case, his tactics and his management of this roster just don’t seem to be working.

There are quality players on this roster. We saw once again how dynamic Christian Benteke can be, yet it still feels like Liverpool haven’t found a way to really harness his potential.

Perhaps the return of Daniel Sturridge will change the formation and allow Benteke more space to operate.

We’ve also seen Benteke lack an ability to make runs and to score goals by creating his own space to receive the ball. That’s fine. The Belgian striker was mostly used as an aerial player in the past and he’ll have to continue to improve his overall game as time goes on. Does anyone have faith that Rodgers can get the best out of Benteke and raise his game another level?

It’s still early enough for Liverpool to make a change and quickly re-insert themselves into the conversation for a top-4 spot. With Chelsea, Man U and Arsenal all looking somewhat pedestrian at points so far, only Manchester City have shown themselves to be the class of the league so far.

Keeping Rodgers at the helm, with the amount of pressure that is on him and the club to perform every week will not produce the kind of expected results that are expected from this club.

A move to change the manager gives this team a chance to find itself again. Whether it’s Jurgen Klopp coming in, or someone who may not even be on the radar right now, a new manager, with new ideas on how to best use the talent on this club is the best way to move forward.

Sorry Brendan, you’ve done your best, but sometimes that isn’t quite good enough. If this season is to be salvaged, it’s with another manager leading the way.




Scousers guide to NYC

New York has a bewildering variety of bars, restaurants and other attractions.  To help you sort the Dalglishs from the Koncheskys, here are some personal recommendations from LFCNY members.


Jack Sheahan

LFC supporters since a semester in London, spring 1992. LFCNY member since 1997, or was it ’98?

Recommendations: And these are FREE:

Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge. From the Manhattan side, the closest subway stop is “Brooklyn Bridge/City Hall” on the lower east side, but all the stops on the other lines are a relatively close walk. When you are mid-span, stop, look around…. all those big buildings climbing into the sky. But remember, at the time the Bridge was built, its two massive stone towers were the tallest structures in NYC. We’ve come a long way since then, eh?

Ride the Staten Island Ferry. ALL the subway stops at the south end of Manhattan are very close to the terminal. You get on the Ferry, which takes you across New York harbor, past the Statue of Liberty, which will be on the right side of the boat as it goes past. When you arrive in Staten Island, get off the ferry, and “come around” back into the waiting area from which you can re-board the ferry for the trip back into Manhattan. As you are coming back, Brooklyn is you to your right. And the lower Manhattan skyline seems to explode straight out of the water. Well worth it.

Walk “The Mall” in Central Park to the Bethesda Terrace and Fountain. Both locations are considered “mid-park” so subway stops are a bit of a distance. If you enter the Park from “Strawberry Fields”, you will be on the Park’s West Drive. Cross the drive, and walk east on the “72nd Street Transverse”. You will eventually get to the Terrace and Fountain. To the south, is The Mall, which you will likely recognize from the movies in which it has been included. And remember, the Park may seem like a natural oasis, but everything around you was purposefully put there. The Park was built, starting during the Civil War, the mid-1860′s.

Restaurant Recommendation: Sorry, NOT FREE.

1. Keen’s Steakhouse, located at 72 West 36th Street in Manhattan. Phone: (212) 947-3636 It’s been a NYC dining establishment since 1885!!!! The ceiling is lined with the largest collection of churchwarden pipes in the world!!! For what it’s worth, I’ve eaten there probably 20 times, and never been disappointed. It’s a bit expensive, but you’re in NYC, and this place is extraordinary. If you’re going, let me know, my wife and I might join you.

2. Zum Schneider, a traditional German beer hall, right in the East Village. Maybe if you need to stretch your legs during a visit to the 11th Street Bar, check out “Zoom”. It’s located at Avenue C and East 7th Street. Big liters of beer, sausage, pretzels, long tables, you get the idea. Worth a visit, but remember your cash, no credit cards accepted.


Alan Leamey (@alanleamey)

I’ve been lucky enough to travel to New York, 3 times. I first went when I was 21 with 2 friends.  And most recently in 2013 when I married my now wife in Central Park.
My wife having lived in Anfield before moving a few miles to start our own home in Croxteth Park. We are both British and live in Liverpool but fell in love with New York through cinema and tv.
My great grandad’s used to sail on the White Star Line RMS Adriatic in the 30′s and tell my grandfather tales of New York. He unfortunately never got to go in his lifetime.
If I can recommend anything for a travelling Liverpool fan to do whilst in New York, it’s to travel on the Staten Island Ferry.  A trip on the ferry from lower Manhattan to Staten Island has breathtaking views of the city, Brooklyn and the Statue of Liberty.
When at Staten Island hop straight back on the ferry, grab a beer from the bar and stand at the front of the vessel. You will travel back over to Manhattan on near enough the same route my grandfathers took as they entered the city. And the best part about it is; it’s completely free to travel.  America is of course the land of the free and home of the brave.
And as you approach the skyscrapers, the warm sun glistening on panes of glass and reflecting onto your face, be it 1930 or 2014 you will feel a world of opportunity present itself to you. Be that on the streets of New York, or ’round the fields of Anfield Road.


Sriram Satish ()

Governor’s Island – A little island positioned just south of Manhattan, it’s a little sanctuary for those of us that live in the city, with large swaths of grass, trees and a great view. Open 7 days a week, the island is accessible by ferry from numerous points in Brooklyn (weekends only) and Manhattan, the easiest being the ferry terminal downtown at the Battery Maritime Building (10 South St, adjacent to the Staten Island Ferry terminal – $2 for a roundtrip ticket). Once on the island, you can rent bikes or walk around to enjoy the scenery, enjoy the numerous food trucks that come on the weekends or enjoy some of the many special events that take place at the Governor’s Beach Club or other venues on the island.  Well worth a visit for a few hours if you’re tired of the concrete jungle! More information, including ferry schedule and list of events can be found here: http://www.govisland.com/html/home/home.shtml

Nightlife – If you’re looking for clubs NYC has some of the best in the country. Some are grungy and underground, others are posh and fancy, while still others fall in between. Every weekend you’re sure to find some of the biggest DJs in the world spinning in the city so you won’t go wrong wherever you go. Cover charges and drinks are pricy, so make sure you either budget a fair amount for the night out, or have a nice pre-drinks event before going! My personal favorites include Cielo, which is a small venue in the Meatpacking district on the west side of Manhattan, as well Lavo, which is in midtown. If you’re looking for a British flair, check out Sankeys near Herald Square (yes, the same Sankeys from Manchester and Ibiza is now open here!) – hands down best sound system at any nightclub in NYC.


Nathan Smith

Smorgasburg – getting out of Manhattan, and away from Times Square, is one of the best parts of visiting NYC.  At the weekend take the ferry to Brooklyn and check out Smorgasburg.  Every kind of food you can imagine, great people watching, and phenomenal views of the Manhattan skyline.

Nitehawk cinema - want to take in a movie, while waiters bring you good food and strong liquor? Nitehawk shows a range of classic movies and new releases, as well as special screenings.  Menus are tailored to the film, the cocktails are flawless, and the head chef is an LFC fan.


Chris Andrade

The Coffee Shop, 29 Union Square West – Open late.  Bar/Restaurant.  Good food, good prices – even the fish and chips are good!  Coffee Shop-style food with a Brazilian twist.  I love the pao de queijo (cheese bread) and plantains (salty or sweet).

Food Trucks:  Kebabs on 11th Street and First Avenue, right across from the Mosque.  One LFCNY member swears they are the best in the city.  Empanadas on 14th Street between Third Avenue and Irving Place.  Great meat patties, fresh and hot.

Porchetta & Butter Lane, East 7th Street between First Avenue and Avenue A:  Roast pork sandwiches on ciabatta bread, a Roman speciality.  The roasted potatoes are great too.  And cupcakes (right across the street) – you mix and match the frosting and cake flavors.  A lot of seasonal choices.

Artichoke Pizza, 14th Street between Second & First Avenue:  Open late; also serves large size Budweiser.  Specialty pizza is artichokes in a cream sauce but the regular marinara is good too.

Planet Rose, 219 Avenue A (between 13th & 14th):  Conveniently located near the 11th Street and Percy’s bars.  Open mike karaoke; only pay for the drinks.  Dive bar atmosphere.  11th Streeters have been known to show up and sing Liverpool songs there….

Great pizza:  1) Gruppo Pizza, 186 Avenue B – and excellent salads.  A bit expensive but authentic Italian-style pizza.  2)  11B, 174 Avenue B (at 11th St).  Very good New York style pizza.  You can order in from the 11th Street bar.


Denise Vasel (Hells’ Kitchen)

Italian Food: Da Tommaso 8th ave between 53rd and 54th.  Classic Italian food that anyone from this area grew up with.  The cheese ravioli special is homemade and always a winner.  A trendier place with more of a wine bar feel is Bocca di Baco on 9th between 54th and 55th (they also have locations on 9th between 45th and 46th and one somewhere in Chelsea).  It is louder and has a smaller menu, but one of the best wine selections I have seen.  La Rivista on 46th between 8th and 9th (restaurant row) is also a solid choice with a prix-fixe, but i would recommend reservations if you are going between 6 and 8 as the pre theater crowd is there at that time.

Pizza:  My go to place is a Fat Sal’s a hole in the wall on 50th and 10th.  The slices are giant and extra cheesy.  Don’t let the dingy interior fool you!

Local Bar:  Bar 9 on 9th between 53rd and 54th is my go to local place.  it’s super chill, and they have pool and 80s video games.  The beer is decently priced, and the tacos are awesome (according to my buddy who grew up eating his mom’s mexican home cooking.)  They also have tater tots, which are just magic.

Greek:  The Greek Kitchen on 10th between 57 and 58th.  Not as authentic as the places you will find in Astoria, but a nice little place that has a real family feel.  The Greek Fries are extra yummy.

Food Truck:  The Halal Guys usually on 52nd or 53rd and 6th ave.  There can be a line halfway down the block if you go at mealtime, but it’s totally worth it.  Some of the best street food in the city.

TV Schedule

Hit CTRL+D or CMD+D to bookmark this page. All the upcoming LFC fixtures will be listed here and channel information added when it is known. Matches that will be screened at 11th Street are listed in black.

The schedule is subject to change, so check back often!

LFCNY Family Day

We’re very pleased to announce the very first official LFCNY Family Day taking place at The Grafton, our fantastic partner bar on 1st Avenue on Sunday September 20th.

We’ll have free food, face painting and games for the kids (and maybe for those of us that haven’t quite grown up yet) plus, of course, Liverpool taking on the recently promoted Norwich City at Anfield. We’ll also be holding a raffle with a whole bunch of prizes up for grabs including a 2010 World Cup football!

Kids and LFCNY members get in free whilst admission for non-members will be $10. Entry includes free food, non-alcoholic drinks and one raffle ticket. Obviously the bar will be open & there’ll be alcoholic drinks available for those of you over 21 (remember your ID if you’re lucky enough to be blessed with youthful features!).

And as if that wasn’t enough, the first 25 kids through the door will each receive a free gift bag!


Please rsvp to gwen@lfcny.org to RSVP

Upcoming events will be posted here…


LFCNY as an official branch of Liverpool Football Club, is eligible to request tickets to home Premier League games each season. This process takes place twice a year. Historically this has taken place in June/July for games scheduled to be played between August and December and in October, for games scheduled for the second half of the season.

Ticket applications are now closed for the first half of the season.  We will soon be accepting requests for tickets to games scheduled for the second half of the 2015/16 soon.

The process to request tickets is as follows (please read carefully):

1) You must be a signed up LFCNY member to request tickets. Membership ranges from $25 to $35 for the season, and includes a LFCNY t-shirt.

2) LFCNY members can request up to four tickets for each home premier league game scheduled between August and December, though keep in mind, if your application is successful, you will need an active LFC membership for all allocated tickets. All ticket requests must be made online through our website. Ticket prices range between $80 and $100 depending on the fixture. This includes all paypal fees and currency conversion charges and fluctuations;

Please only submit requests for games you plan on attending. Do not request tickets for two fixtures to increase your chances, if you only plan to go to one. You will be responsible for payment for all tickets allocated;

3) Once our ticket allocation is confirmed by LFC, we will communicate via club email to advise which fixtures we received tickets for, and which members were successful in obtaining tickets;

4) If your application is successful, payment must be made via paypal, directly from our website within 7 days of notification. Payment should be made via the link here. No cash, checks or other payment methods will be accepted. Ticket prices are based on whether the fixture is a Category A, B or C game.

5) Each person allocated tickets must be an active member of Liverpool Football Club’s membership program. So if you receive an allocation of four tickets, you must be able to provide four LFC member numbers (not LFCNY) with the corresponding names. For more information, please access LFC’s site. You must possess a current Official Adult, Membership Light, or Full Memberships to receive tickets through LFCNY. The International membership has no ticketing benefits. LFC membership runs from June 1 to May 31 and needs to be renewed annually. Please do not provide an expired membership number as it will not be accepted by LFC. When renewing or purchasing your LFC membership, please select our branch, New York, from the drop down menu on the Membership registration page. You will be given a membership number instantaneously;

6) In the event we receive more requests than the tickets we are allocated, a drawing will be held to allocate the tickets equitably;

7) Members who are to be allocated tickets will be emailed with details of their seat number and location by LFCNY approximately 2-4 weeks prior to the fixture. We have no say where the tickets will be located, but historically they have been in very good locations, including the Kop. The Membership Card of those Members who have been allocated tickets will be activated for entry at Anfield. There will be no paper ticket issued.

8) LFCNY members living in the NY/NJ/CT/PA area can apply for tickets. If you live outside this area, unfortunately LFC has mandated that though you can still be part of LFCNY, you will not be eligible to obtain tickets through us, and would have to submit a request with the supporters club you live closest to. Sorry! 

For any questions, or further clarification, please email our club Treasurer, Chris Andrade



Contact Us

Nathan Smith, President

(please contact Nathan with any general queries about the club, our activities, or any of the areas below)

Chris AndradeTreasurer

(please contact Chris with any questions regarding the LFCNY ticket application process)

Jake Calvert, Secretary

(please contact Jake with any questions regarding LFCNY membership)

Tim Mahoney, Bar liaison

Justin Wells, Social media

Gareth Watford, Communications/marketing

Gwen WellsEvent Coordinator


On April 15 1989, 24,000 Liverpool fans travelled to a football match. 96 never returned. Over 20 years after Britain’s worst sporting disaster, we want the world to see the faces of the fans whose hopes and dreams for the future ended that day.

Collectively they’ve become known as ‘The 96′ but to the families and friends they left behind, they were simply a dad, a son, a brother and a sister; a cousin, an auntie, an uncle and a granddad; a boyfriend, a husband, a soul mate and a best friend.

As the wife of one of the supporters who never came home so eloquently put it in a letter published on this website on the 20th anniversary of the disaster, “To the world my husband is one of the 96, but to me and his children, he was always our number one.”              

To those who didn’t know them, the fans who died at Hillsborough that day may just be a number of names etched into the Hillsborough Memorial marble.

24,000 tickets, 23 turnstiles, two criminally overcrowded pens, 96 dead and 766 people injured – numbers alone don’t even begin to tell half the story of a disaster that has shaped Liverpool Football Club and the fans that will forever follow it.

Probably the most significant number in this whole sorry tragedy is the one that depicts the age of each victim on the slide show below.

That number, and the faces staring back at you – captured during happier times – tells you everything you need to know about why the events of April 15, 1989 and the fans who died that day will never ever be forgotten.

Page for Merchandise

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Please note that all times and dates are subject to change.

Select how many tickets you wish to request for each fixture, enter your name and email address in the spaces below and click the "Submit!" button.

Sat 17th AugStoke City3pm BSTC
Sat 31st AugManchester United3pm BSTA
Sat 21st SeptSouthampton3pm BSTC
Sat 5th OctCrystal Palace3pm BSTC
Sat 26th OctWest Bromwich Albion3pm BSTB
Sat 9th NovFulham3pm BSTB
Tue 3rd DecNorwich City3pm BSTB
Sat 7th DecWest Ham United3pm BSTB
Sat 21st DecCardiff City3pm BSTC
Wed 1st JanHull City3pm BSTC

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LFCNY membership runs from June 1, 2015 to May 31, 2016 and can be renewed now. Membership costs $25 and includes a LFCNY t-shirt.  You can join, and collect your t-shirt, at the 11th Street Bar.  If you'd like to sign up online, you can do so by clicking here.  Shipping of t-shirts is an additional charge, but the can be collected for free from either of the Upper 90 stores in NYC.